Inclusive education is the future. So the society has plans to include every area of education which must be coupled with time tested quality teaching learning process.

The society Campaign has a clear set of evidence-based policies that will make our public education system stronger, fairer and more inclusive for every child and citizen. Some of the future plans set by the society are

  1. ⦁ Make public education affordable
  2. ⦁ Increase resources and support to disadvantaged groups
  3. ⦁ Give teachers and school staff the tools, training and resources they need to support all students 
  4. ⦁ Give students and learners a greater voice in shaping their own education 
  5. ⦁ Make sure every student is healthy, resilient and supported to participate fully in school / college
  6. ⦁ Keep students and families connected to education and reap its benefits 
  7. ⦁ Welcome and support children and young people back into education  

The Management of AIATERF proposes to spend interest income earned there on in creating infrastructure for new programmes to be launched. The Projects on hand includes the following:

  1. ⦁ College campus for
  2. ⦁ School of Science
  3. ⦁ Humanities
  4. ⦁ Media & Journalism
  5. ⦁ Medicines
  6. ⦁ Education etc.
  7. ⦁ Centre for Performing Arts
  8. ⦁ Knowledge Centre
  9. ⦁ Sports Complex

In sum and substance, the society aims imparting education in all areas of requirement; be it child education or adult literacy. Be it a political science or robotics. No area could be spared untouched. As a result, the society has plans to establish and run the following institutes

  1. ⦁ Agrasen College
  2. ⦁ Jaipur College of Education and Science
  3. ⦁ JEC Pharmacy College
  4. ⦁ Jayesh International School